what is google local 3-pack and how can it help you?



If you are a local business owner, your priority is to rank high on local search results and ensure a steady flow of foot traffic.

According to the Think with Google’s 2022 Retail Marketing Guide, the local search term “open now near me” saw an astonishing 400% YoY increase, while another survey found that 76% of users visited a local business within 24 hours of searching.

These trends clearly show that ranking in Google Local 3-Pack is worth the investment, but that can seem like an uphill task if you don’t know what it is and how it works.

In this post, we’ll tell you how Google Local 3-Pack works and how you can optimize your listing to rank higher.

Let’s begin:

what is google 3-pack?

First things first: what is Google 3-Pack?

The Google 3-Pack is a featured result that shows the top three local business listings relevant to your search query. When you search for a local service or product, it shows three local listings based on relevance, proximity, and prominence with a map.

Unlike regular organic search results, which appear below the local SEO 3-Pack – it shows your business’s name, rating, number of reviews, hours, address, directions, and a link to its website.

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how the google local 3-pack works

The Google Local 3-Pack considers three primary factors:

  • Relevance: How well a local listing matches what you are searching for.
  • Distance: How close the business is to your location.
  • Prominence: How well-known the business is, based on online reviews and other local SEO factors.


Your Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business) is at the heart of securing a spot in the 3-Pack. Keeping it optimized and updated can help you rank in these top three listings.

benefits of ranking in the google local 3-pack

There are many benefits to ranking in the Google Local 3-Pack.

Here are a few important ones:

increases online visibility

It’s hard to ignore the local SEO 3-Pack, as it occupies a lot of real estate on the results page. This means your would-be customers can easily find you.

attracts local customers

The Local 3-Pack comes with calls to action (CTAs), like a link to your website, booking appointments, placing orders, calling your store, and more. This encourages your potential customers to take the desired action.

boosts credibility and trust

From a user’s perspective, getting featured in the Local 3-Pack is a sign of credibility and trust. It clearly shows users that you have high rankings and many positive reviews.

targets mobile users

Mobile users can call your business directly from the Local 3-Pack and get directions to your store. And since these users look only for shops they plan to stop by, 3-Pack can knock your sales out of the park.

steps to get your business in the google local 3-pack

As a seasoned marketing agency in Reno, we have seen many businesses struggle to rank in Google Local 3-Pack. However, with the right strategy, you can get yours in the Local 3-Pack.

Here’s how:

1. optimize your google business profile

First, you need to optimize your business profile, which includes verifying your listing and updating details.

Google lets you verify your listing by:

  • Phone or SMS: Google calls or texts a unique code to your number, which you can use to verify your listing.
  • Email: Google sends the steps to verify your listing via email.
  • Video: Google allows you to share a video of your business and verify your listing.
  • Mail: Google sends a postcard with a verification code to your address, which you can use to verify your listing.


You must sign in to your Google Business Profile, click Get Verified, and select the available option to verify your listing. These options are often predefined and might change depending on your location, business category, and other factors.

Once your listing is verified, update your business name, address, phone number, hours, services, and business category. Add high-quality photos and videos of your business to optimize your listing.

2. encourage and manage customer reviews

Nearly 81% of consumers use Google reviews to evaluate a business, making it necessary to encourage your customers to leave reviews.

You can:

  • Ask for a review immediately after the customer makes their purchase, or after you’ve completed the service.
  • Reward customers for sharing a review, like a $10 coupon, or adding their review to your website.
  • Send email follow-ups with a Google Reviews link or QR code.
  • Add a Google Reviews link or QR code to your website’s footer.


Respond to all reviews with genuine care and respect. Mention your customer by their name, thank them for their review, and be as specific as possible. Handling each review personally shows people you care and are always willing to solve their problems.

However, responding to feedback can be challenging, so consider using a review management tool like Mention or Reputation.

3. ensure nap consistency

You can use your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) across all online platforms. But you need to keep it consistent because Google uses this data to verify your business.

Check your website, social media profiles, review sites, and other platforms where you have shared your NAP details. A listing management tool, like the one by SEMrush, can quickly identify and update your NAP details across the web.

4. optimize for local seo

As a local business, you should focus on improving your local SEO, which starts with local keyword optimization. These keywords are usually a combination of regular keywords and a location, such as “a hair salon in Reno” or “SEO for manufacturing in Sparks.”

Also, create location-specific pages and blog posts to attract local foot traffic. These can help you highlight local events, news, or services and optimize your website with local keywords.

Likewise, adding schema markup can help strengthen your online visibility. It acts like the eyes and ears of search engines, helping them understand what your website is about. This means search engines can know your business location, hours, and services, showing it up in relevant local search results.

5. grow your local presence

As a local business, you need to get out there, which gets easier when you actively engage with the local community. Local events and collaborations can help you earn relevant backlinks and boost your local SEO ranking.

Sponsorships, charity work, and promotions can lead to more reviews for your business. And since you can share all these updates on social media, it helps connect with your local target audience and earn more reviews.

When more people connect to your business on social media, you can guide them to visit your website or local store, improving your chances of getting a spot on the local Pack.

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how to monitor your local 3-pack ranking

Ranking in Google Local 3-Pack is an ongoing process, not a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. However, keeping track of your ranking requires a combination of Google My Business Insights and other local SEO tools.

You should track:

  • Click-Through Rates: How many clicks your business listing earned through Local 3-Pack.
  • Calls: How many calls has your business received directly from the Local 3-Pack?
  • Direction Requests: How many direction requests were generated directly from the Local 3-Pack?
  • Website Visits: How many users visited your website directly from the Local 3-Pack?
  • Appointments: How many appointments were booked directly from the Local 3-Pack?


Regularly analyzing these metrics allows you to understand what’s working and what needs improvement. For instance, if your CTR is low, adding more you might need to add more photos or videos to your profile.

common challenges and how to overcome them

Ranking in Google Local 3-Pack comes with many challenges.

Here are a few common ones and how to overcome them:

1. handling negative reviews

Negative reviews are the Achilles heel of your Local 3-Pack ranking, but they also offer an opportunity to show that your business cares about its customers.

Respond promptly and genuinely to such reviews. Acknowledge what the customer wants to say, apologize if necessary, and offer a solution. A quick and honest response shows that you care about everyone, including those who may not be satisfied with your services or products.

2. staying ahead of local competition

Google Local 3-Packused to have five listings, which were cut down to only three, making it hard to grab the coveted spot.

But you can stay ahead of the curve if you:

  • Regularly optimizing your Google Business Profile with fresh content, such as new photos, videos, and posts.
  • Share updates about local events, special deals, and sponsorships on social media and Google listing.
  • Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and adjust your local SEO strategy accordingly.

3. adapting to changes in google's local search algorithm

Google frequently updates its search algorithms, which can significantly affect your Google map pack rankings. Follow their blog to learn about these changes and keep optimizing your listing to match the latest best practices. You might also need to revise your local SEO strategy to stay at the top of the pyramid.

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