hd ships


hd ships

HD ships is a supply chain management company committed to using cutting-edge technology solutions to improve cost-efficiency in transportation and logistics. the company currently manages more than 20,000 shipments annually. 

the challenge

Giving an industry-changing company a website that screams innovation.

The hd ships website was originally built with a generic theme with content that failed to adequately address the needs of the target client – and was irrelevant to the size of the company.

They needed a complete overhaul of the website – which called for a custom wordpress solution that accurately showed the impact the company makes on the shipping industry.

the strategy

How we took the website from a generic one-in-a-million to one-of-a-kind. 

We wanted the website to give off an instant sense of sophistication and professionalism – while strategically incorporating the brand elements. We started this process by building out exhaustive wireframes in Adobe XD. Next, we found and edited images to add a duotone appearance to the HD Ships brand – which would work seamlessly through both the website and print material. 

We also added video elements to make the site more engaging – and less static.


wildish agency


“I love what wildish has done with our new website, it encompasses our brand perfectly.” – Josh | CEO
hd ships

The Timeline

2 months

The Solution

Bringing hd ships up to speed with the latest in web design.

When we finished, hd ships had a fully-customized wordpress theme, which gave them a brand presence unlike any of the other logistics companies. The competition will now have to catch up with them!

Once we built the website, we quickly set them up with form tracking through google analytics 4 – so we can track their site data and make any adjustments as needed.

the results

HD ships experienced results with the new website almost immediately. For one, they were able to revamp and expand their site’s content and service pages to convey their value more clearly. 

The sophisticated appearance of the site led to a significant boost in leads. additionally, it gave them the ability to send a link to new agents and fill out the proper forms. Overall, the new website has been a game-changer for the company. 

hd ships