design for corporate offices

revitalizing corporate offices with environmental graphics.


After years of working from home following the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a general hesitation for employees wanting to return to work in the office. No commutes, no need to buy fancy dress clothes, and peace & quiet are major work-from-home benefits – and challenges that companies are facing to get people back into the office setting. 

We were recently asked to help a corporate office in their journey to help employees return to the office. As designers, our job was to redesign their boring, traditional office look into something that breathed new life into the surroundings – and it was no easy task. 


When we started working with the company, we wanted to do more than create some appealing, arbitrary designs – we wanted to build out an engaging brand design experience that told the company’s story in a meaningful way. We started with the entrances.

The entrance areas became a space to showcase the brand presence – and more importantly, celebrate the lifestyles of the employees.  



“Overall, we approached this design with a mindset of “if these walls could talk” – then went beyond it to get the floors and ceilings in the conversation to boldly establish the brand story, while igniting the conversation to come into the office.”

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the process:
how we improve corporate spaces

We used a number of new-age design tactics to take the office space from mundane to extraordinary:
design for corporate offices

igniting creativity and connection

We wanted to implement a comprehensive, no-holds-barred design strategy – which involved wall wraps and interactive art installations. Our team worked closely with the company to understand its brand identity, values, and desired atmosphere for the office.
igniting creativity and connection

wall wraps

Wall wraps can do wonders to transform a space. 

In this job, we turned the plain, boring office walls into a dynamic canvas. Through the artistic use of color, graphics, and patterns, we used the brand’s energy and personality to turn the space into a work of art inspired by the business values and local landscapes – paying homage to the company’s roots. 

This integration of nature and regional aesthetics worked to create a connection with employees – as well as foster a sense of pride in their surroundings.

wall wraps
By combining technology and art, our goal was to spark a new, invigorated sense of creativity and active participation within the office environment. The interactive elements also provided opportunities for employee recognition, displaying achievements, and a sense of community.
displaying achievements

dimensional design

This could refer to graphics and designs that have a three-dimensional aspect, adding depth and visual interest.

environmental graphics

This likely involves designs or graphics integrated into a physical space, complementing the environment and enhancing the overall ambiance.

raised signage

The case study should include examples of signs or graphics that are raised or have a three-dimensional appearance, standing out from the surface they are mounted on.

wall graphics

This involves graphics applied directly to walls, potentially including murals or other artistic elements that enhance the space.

the results

increased employee engagement

The new, visually stimulating environment instantly created a renewed sense of excitement and motivation among employees. The interactive art installations did a lot to encourage collaboration, sparking creativity and innovation in day-to-day work.

enhanced company culture

The office design did a fantastic job of reflecting the values and local heritage of the company. This alignment fostered a stronger connection between employees and the organization, which led to a more positive and cohesive company culture.

improved productivity and well-being

The design of the office space had a surprising impact on employee well-being – which helped to reduce stress and increase job satisfaction. The combination of vibrant visuals and interactive elements created an engaging work environment, resulting in improved productivity and overall job performance.

fitness faclity

the power of interactive art

Through the innovative implementation of environmental graphics, we successfully addressed the company’s biggest challenge of bringing employees back to the office. 

The redesigned space not only infused the workplace with new energy and purpose but also built a stronger sense of community and connection among employees. The project demonstrated the power of thoughtful design in transforming traditional office settings into vibrant and inspiring environments.



increase in engagement

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