Thompson Garage Doors

Thompson Garage Doors

Website Design, Content Strategy


The world of garage doors may not be the sexiest but think about how many people need an expert. That’s right, everyone with a garage. Thompson Garage Doors are experts in their industry and their strong reputation in our community proves it. They just needed a website that made sense and a little help protecting their brand.


Thompson’s digital presence was outdated, the user pathway was incohesive, and the content didn’t accurately reflect the people behind the brand- because the people at Thompson are what’s kept them going since 1957. So, we went down the path to build a website that told a story about customer relationships and the personal touch they give to the cold, industrial world of overhead garage doors.


A website that sees a lot of traffic has to be easy to use. That’s why we took a simple approach to design a site with well-organized services and product representation using icons and animation. And like most essential services, Thompson Garage Doors had to be easily found when someone went to Google requesting help with a broken garage door. That meant some intense focus on SEO.

Taking a brand known for its tough industrial services and putting a playful, lighthearted touch and voice to a website wasn’t going to be easy. We were up for the challenge.

Everyone could use a door to walk through.

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