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Building a website & search presence from scratch is a lot like climbing a mountain – and you don’t climb a mountain without proper analysis and preparation. 

When we first started working with Thompson Garage Doors, they had a very old flash website – it looked like it was out of the 1990s. 

The website was plagued with shortcomings, and the company was failing to outrank competitors on Google searches. After looking at the site, we quickly decided they needed a brand new website. It was not mobile-friendly, loading speeds were slow, and the user experience was subpar at best. 

In terms of day-to-day operations, the company offers many different types of doors – and customers couldn’t pick one through the site. This was a big challenge we needed to solve. 

Needless to say, we had our work cut out for us. 

How we climbed the mountain from base to summit

From a bird’s eye view, we needed to make the website mobile-friendly to help them move up the search rankings and generate more organic leads. We also needed to create custom icons (as opposed to images) for each category of garage door on the website to make browsing and ordering easy for online customers. 



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Thompson Garage Doors

brand identity

From a brand personality perspective – we wanted to take a brand typically known for tough industrial services and give them a more approachable, light-hearted voice. This was no easy task, but our writing team was up for the challenge. 

Here is how we redesigned the website:

1. We always start with copywriting – writing each page in a Google Doc for the client’s approval. 

2. With the web copy in place, we started building out illustrations and wireframes for the web pages. 

3. Our designers presented three homepage design variations, building out the website in Adobe XD so the client could easily examine and sign off on the product. 

4. Once designs were approved, we began developing the website with a simplified user experience. 

Thompson Garage Doors Home page

Taking the brand presence from outdated to new age.

We rebuilt the entire website and optimized it for search engines. We also helped them with new print branding. This included brochures, outdoor billboards, and photography. 

Thompson Garage Doors

the fruits of our labor

Thompson Garage Doors began getting traction very shortly after we re-launched the website. They quickly began to outrank their local competition and even started to gain online reach on a national level. 

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