Branding, Packaging

Verdi, Nevada

When cannabis consumption became legal, the industry was ablaze with reckless thinking in regards to marketing. Wisely, one cannabis company turned to Wildish for a smart, distinctive plan to market their wares.

Srene is an acronym well known in the rock climbing culture, a passion shared by of one of Srene’s partners. We designed a clean, elegant design that complemented their appreciation for simplicity. Those designs embraced mountain textures and highlighted a close up of the distillate rock.

Our B2B campaign was one of provocative wit that stood out in the industry and positioned Srene as intelligent and confident. We also created packaging for their vape pens as well as odor-proof flower packaging. We built a custom dieline that mirrored the mountains to help the packaging stand out on the shelf. 

Meet The Love Child Of Virgin Mary And Iggy Pop.

This is the beginning of something beautiful.

In mountain climbing, the goal is simple: get to the top. Don’t cut corners, don’t settle for inferior equipment, and don’t veer from the plan. Instead, persevere. Be patient. Find partners who share your passion and have your back. And take time to absorb all that the experience affords you — the heightened sensations, the views others rarely see, the people you meet, the challenges you surpass, the long-lasting effects of positivity, and the utter joy of planting your ass on said peak and quietly exclaiming, “damn, fucking right!”

So taken by the power and purity of the peaks were the two that they located their facility within sight of Crystal Peak in Verdi, Nevada. From that mountain and its mines, they’d incorporate the healing powers of its crystals into their products. They’d resurrect a long abandoned building on the banks of the Truckee River. The water they tapped would be pure. And the blends of THC and CBD they’d nurture would fulfill their hopes of creating experiences as calming, inspiring and revealing as those they discover in places where the air is thin and the views go on forever. Goal fulfilled.

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