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senior insurance agency



Senior Insurance Agency, a family-owned business that helps seniors navigate the complex world of Medicare, had problems in the past with other agencies. Their previous website, built on a generic template, did not accurately reflect the company’s brand and values.

The photography was also of poor quality and did not showcase the true character of the agency. As a family-oriented business, with the owner’s three daughters working alongside him, it was important for their new website to convey a sense of trust and community.



“The transformation of our website has been exceptional. We are thrilled with the results and excited about our continued partnership.”


We took a content-first approach and rewrote the copy. While our content team was writing, we started to produce video and photography content. We did a two-day photoshoot of the team interacting with clients and around the office. With the videos, we were able to get clients who have been with Senior Insurance for many years. Some have done business with them for over 40 years.

We noticed that when you look at a standard healthcare website, it feels unapproachable and sterile. So, we took a different approach and created illustrations to include on the website. With this look, we have been able to create a brand for one of Nevada’s oldest Medicare agencies.

Navigating the complexities of Medicare can be an overwhelming and confusing task for seniors. As such, we wanted to create a website that was easy to navigate and understand. By incorporating illustrations and videos of real clients, we were able to establish a sense of familiarity and trust with potential clients.

the solution

Through their collaboration with our team, Senior Insurance achieved an ADA-compliant website with a much smoother process when it comes to sending the client the scope of appointment form (which is required 48 hours prior to an appointment). By leveraging Zapier, we made it so that the end user can easily fill out the form on the website and have it emailed to them, simplifying the process.

the results

A much cleaner and compliant website that is easy to navigate for clients. With the site, it was launched with SEO in mind. Now, we are working on the website monthly to provide organic SEO results and email marketing.



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