Sala Family Case Study: Inspiring a Legacy of Success


sala family dentistry


Sala Family Dentistry is so much more than a dentistry. They not only offer general, pediatrics and orthodontics, but they will completely change your perspective on going in for your dental check-ups. They are continuously giving back to the community, offering scholarships and going on missions around the world to help those in need. It’s been a privilege to work with such a positive company. 


We’re designers, storytellers and creators—but we’re also patients, and families of patients. We’ve lived through the uncertainty of clinical treatments and doctor visits: the good news, the great news, the loss and life-changing moments. From ideation to execution, there’s a human-first focus in the patient experiences we create to positively impact long-term healing outcomes.

wildish agency


“Walk towards the good in life and one day you will arrive.” —Atticus

the power of smiles

Beyond the dental chair, photography brought Sala Family Dentistry’s welcoming environment to life. Through well-composed shots, the agency encapsulated the calming ambiance of the practice, from the inviting reception area to the soothing treatment rooms. These images conveyed a sense of comfort and relaxation, reassuring potential patients that their dental journey would be accompanied by a warm and comforting atmosphere.

visualizing excellence

Interviews with the dentists painted vivid portraits, bridging the gap between doctor and patient, like two harmonious notes in a dental symphony.

touching hearts and changing lives

Step into the lives of those who were touched by their $20K dental care donation, and witness the profound impact it had on their well-being. The video captures the genuine moments of gratitude, joy, and renewed self-esteem as smiles were restored and lives were forever changed. 



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