visualizing website redesign: the power of mood boards for manufacturer websites



For many manufacturers, a website redesign can be a daunting task. With a specific target audience and a wide range of products to showcase – not to mention the technical aspects of website design – it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. However, one tool that can help simplify and streamline the process is a web design mood board.

A web design mood board serves as a visual blueprint that encapsulates the essence, tone, and aesthetics of your website’s redesign. It allows you to gather and organize design elements such as colors, fonts, images, and layouts in one place. This makes it easier for you to visualize how these elements will come together to create a cohesive look and feel for your website.

In this article, we will explore the power of mood board websites and how they can aid in the redesign process. We’ll also provide tips on how to create an effective mood board that will bring your vision to life.

the importance of professional website design in manufacturing

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial across all industries, and manufacturing is no exception. Your website serves as your virtual storefront and is often the first point of contact for potential customers. In fact, research shows that 75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on its website design.

Many manufacturer websites target a B2B audience, which means their website needs to showcase not only their products but also their expertise and capabilities. After all, B2B customers are not just looking for products but also for a reliable and knowledgeable partner who can help them find solutions to their business needs.

However, it can be challenging to convey this professionalism and expertise through a website without a well-thought-out design. This is where mood board websites come into play.

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what are mood boards in website design?

Mood boards, also known as inspiration boards or vision boards, are collages of visual elements that represent the look and feel of a website.They can include images, color palettes, typography styles, textures, and other design elements.

Think of it as a brainstorming tool for your website’s redesign process. It helps you gather ideas and inspiration from various sources and visually see how they work together. This can be especially helpful in manufacturing marketing services, where there may be a lot of technical information and industry jargon to convey.

the role of mood boards in a website redesign

Here are examples of mood boards being particularly valuable in the context of manufacturing websites:

alignment of vision

Manufacturers often have a specific brand image and values they want to convey through their website redesign. Creating a mood board allows you to visualize how different design elements align with your brand’s vision and ensure consistency throughout the website. This is especially helpful when working with a website design agency, as it allows for a more seamless collaboration.

efficient communication

Sometimes, conveying design ideas through words alone can be challenging. Manufacturing marketing services often involve complex technical terms and concepts that are better communicated through visual aids. 

Mood boards serve as a bridge between the client and designer, helping to ensure that all design elements are understood correctly. This can save time and prevent misunderstandings during the design process.

exploration of new ideas

Mood boards provide a space for creativity and exploration. They allow you and your website design agency to experiment with different design elements and see how they work together. This can lead to the discovery of new ideas that may not have been considered otherwise. It also allows for feedback and refinement before committing to a final design.

creating and using a mood board for website redesign

Creating a mood board for your website redesign involves a systematic process to ensure it effectively represents your vision. Here are some steps to follow:

1. gather inspiration

Start by gathering inspiration from different sources, such as your brand’s values, competitors’ websites, and other visually appealing designs. This will give you a starting point for your mood board and help guide your design choices. Your website design agency can also provide valuable insight and inspiration during this phase.

2. choose a platform

Decide on a platform to create your mood board. There are many examples of mood board templates and tools available online, such as Canva, Adobe Spark, and Pinterest. Some web design agencies may also have their own preferred platform for creating mood boards. Choose one that best fits your needs and allows for easy collaboration with your team and designer.

3. collect design elements

Once you have a platform in place, start collecting design elements to add to your mood board. This can include color palettes, typography, images, patterns, and any other design elements that represent your brand and vision. Be mindful of consistency and balance when selecting these elements, as you want them to work together harmoniously.

4. arrange and refine

As you begin placing your design elements on the mood board, experiment with different arrangements and combinations. This is where you can explore various concepts and see how they come together. It’s also a great opportunity to refine your choices and make sure they align with your brand’s aesthetic. 

5. collaborate and iterate

Don’t be afraid to collaborate with others during this process, whether it’s your team or your web designer. Share your mood board and gather feedback to see if it accurately represents your vision and resonates with others. Use this feedback to make any necessary changes and continue refining until you have a final mood board that everyone is happy with. 

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the bottom line

As you can see, mood boards are a powerful tool for manufacturers embarking on a website redesign journey. They help to solidify your brand’s visual identity and provide a clear direction for your website’s design. By following these steps, you can create a mood board that accurately represents your brand and serves as a helpful guide for your web design process.

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