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Many dental practices don’t view marketing as a top priority. This is for many reasons. We commonly work with practices that have relied on word-of-mouth, sponsoring local events, direct mail, and other traditional marketing efforts to find new patients. 

Shifting to a more comprehensive dental marketing campaign is a big task. Between caring for patients, managing your team, and keeping up with new regulations, your plate is already full.

Still, having a strong online presence is non-negotiable if you want to stay competitive. It’s tough to squeeze in time for online and mobile marketing when you’re running a busy practice, but the good news is there are plenty of straightforward ways to boost your reach.

If the thought of crafting dentist marketing strategies gives you a headache, you’re not alone. In this post, we’ll share some quick tips to kick things off. Don’t worry if you’re not keen on tackling all this yourself — it’s perfectly okay to get some help by hiring a reliable dental SEO marketing agency.

First, let’s look at why you need quality marketing ideas for your dental office.

why every dentist needs to get serious about marketing

As a dentist, you might be thinking, ‘I fix teeth, I don’t work on a computer!’

But let’s face it, dentistry is competitive, and simply being a great dentist isn’t always enough to keep your practice thriving. Most people start their search for a new dentist online. If your practice isn’t visible there, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of potential business.

Effective marketing ensures when someone in your area types ‘dentist near me’ into Google, you show up first. It also builds:

  • Visibility: No matter how skilled you are; potential patients can’t choose you if they don’t know you exist. Dental marketing ideas make sure you’re seen and considered.
  • Community: Good marketing educates your community about dental health, which can demystify treatments and make people more comfortable about visiting the dentist.
  • Reputation: Marketing helps build your credibility through patient reviews, social media interactions, and informative content that showcases your expertise.

Bottom line?

Investing in dental practice marketing strategies lets you stand out in a crowded market, attract new patients, and keep the ones you already have coming back. A little effort goes a long way in making sure your practice isn’t just another name on a list, but a community staple people trust and turn to.

 boost your dental practice in 2024

building your dental marketing blueprint for 2024

Ready to make your dental practice stand out in 2024? Read on as the experts at our Reno marketing agency map out a marketing blueprint to help you attract more patients and make your practice the talk of the town.

step 1: know your target audience

The first step to a successful dental marketing plan is understanding who your patients are, where they live, and how to reach them online. When you know who you’re talking to, you can make sure your messages hit the mark every time.

So, how do you figure out who your ideal patient is?

Start with patient surveys. These can be as simple as a few questions at the end of their visit, or an online survey sent over email. Ask about their preferences, needs, and even their feedback about your office. Use their responses to guide your services and marketing.

Another smart move is to dive into the local demographics. Check out community data online to understand the age groups, family sizes, and even interests that dominate your area.

step 2: build a patient-friendly website

Think of your website as the front door to your dental practice- online. Since it’s the first place potential patients visit to check you out, you want to make sure it’s inviting, easy to navigate, and informative.

A user-friendly website is a must because:

first impressions matter

Most people will see your website before they see your clinic. A sleek, professional website sets the tone and tells potential patients that you’re an outstanding dentist that values quality work.

24/7 access

Your website is working even when you’re not. It provides essential information like services, pricing, and contact details at any time, leading to improved convenience for patients.

Here’s how to make your website shine.

keep it clean and easy to navigate

A cluttered or confusing website can be a turnoff. Use simple menus and clear paths to important information like services, booking appointments, and contacting your practice.

make it mobile-friendly

More people than ever are using their phones to look up health information, including finding new dentists. Ensure your site looks great and works smoothly on all devices.

use engaging visuals

Photos of your clinic, staff, and happy patients can make your site feel more personal and trustworthy. Videos can be even better for giving a quick overview of your services or a virtual tour of your office.

step 3: craft useful content

No, content marketing isn’t dead.  More than 50% of businesses plan to spend more on content marketing in 2024 than in 2023.

New, meaningful content can revitalize your dental website, enhance your SEO efforts, and sharpen your practice’s mission and purpose. To create posts that both inform and appeal to your patients:

focus on educational material

Your patients may be looking for answers to their dental concerns. Include articles or blog posts on topics like the best ways to prevent cavities, the benefits of regular dental checkups, and what to expect during procedures like root canals or teeth whitening. This type of content helps patients and establishes your expertise in the field.

leverage faqs

Consider what questions new or prospective patients might have. Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that addresses common concerns, such as payment options, how to prepare for a visit, what kind of aftercare is needed post-procedure, and details about different dental treatments.

use a friendly and reassuring tone

Dental anxiety is real. About 36% of people in the U.S. have a fear of dental treatment, and the tone of your content can either soothe or exacerbate their nerves. Use a friendly, reassuring tone to make your readers feel more at ease about visiting the dentist. Let them know what steps you take for a comfortable and stress-free experience.

offer practical tips

People love tips they can easily implement. Offer practical advice on topics like dental hygiene routines, the best products for dental care, and how to handle minor dental emergencies at home.

must-try dental marketing strategies

step 4: request online reviews

Most of us tend to check multiple review sites before making purchases, and dental patients are no different. Most people look at a practice’s reviews on their Google Business Profile.

Reviews serve as social proof, highlighting the actual experiences of patients. A bunch of positive reviews can significantly sway potential patients to choose your practice over others. They also play a role in SEO, helping your practice appear higher in search results. Here are a few simple steps to ask your patients for reviews.

timing is key

The best time to ask for a review is right after a visit while their positive experience is fresh in their mind. You might say something like, “We hope you had a pleasant experience today. If you have a moment, we’d love for you to leave us a review online!”

make it easy

Simplify the process for your existing patients by providing links to where they can leave a review, like Google, Yelp, or your Facebook page. You can send these links through email, text, or on their checkout paperwork.

express gratitude

Let your patients know how much their feedback matters. A simple, “Your feedback helps us improve and helps others get to know us better,” can reflect your gratitude.

respond to reviews

Show that you value feedback by responding to reviews, both positive and negative. In case of negative reviews, apologize for the inconvenience caused and express your commitment to improving.

step 5: embrace digital marketing channels

If you’ve primarily relied on word of mouth, diving into online dental marketing strategies can feel like jumping into the deep end, but once you’re familiar with it, there’s no backing down. We’ve broken down some key channels you should be using and why they’re so effective.

social media

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are where people hang out, share, and connect. For your practice, it’s an opportunity to show some personality. 

Post before-and-after photos of patients (with their permission, of course), share quick dental tips, and celebrate your team and community events. It’s a casual way to strengthen relationships with your patients.

email marketing

Email marketing is your direct line to your patients’ inboxes. It’s perfect for sending out appointment reminders, promotions, and monthly newsletters. You can also segment your audience and send personalized messages to increase engagement and patient loyalty.

local seo

Dental SEO involves making your website easy for both people and search engines to find and understand. Good SEO practices, like optimizing your website content with keywords focused on the region you serve (dentists in Sparks, NV, dental practice near Reno, NV, etc. 

More importantly, it’s crucial that your site loads quickly. The best SEO strategy in the world will fall flat if it leads web traffic to a slow site.  

step 6: track your progress and adapt

Once your dental practice marketing strategies are up and running, the next step is to keep a keen eye on how they’re doing.

monitor with analytics tools

Using analytics tools allows you to see the real-time results of your marketing campaigns. Tools like Google Analytics, social media insights, and email performance metrics show you how many people are visiting your website, how they’re finding you, which posts are hitting the mark, and more. You can use this information to check if your marketing dollars are doing their job.

adapt according to data

The digital world changes fast. A tactic that worked like a charm last month might not get the same results today. That’s why it’s key to stay flexible and ready to tweak your strategies based on the data you gather.

Notice a surge in website visits from a recent social media campaign? Maybe it’s time to amp up your social media efforts. Email campaigns not getting the opens or clicks you hoped for? Time to test new subject lines or offer more value in the content.

Marketing isn’t set-it-and-forget-it; it’s a dynamic, ongoing process. By staying responsive to what the data tells you, you can refine your tactics over time, enhancing what works and fixing what doesn’t.

unlock success with 2024 dental marketing ideas

the bottom line

If you want to show up right away when current and potential patients are browsing dentists online, you need a solid dentist marketing strategy. Start simple with one or two ideas from our list to get the ball rolling. Once you start seeing some new faces, feel free to mix in more tactics and ramp up your game.

Now, we know managing a comprehensive dental marketing strategy can be a tall order when you’re focused on patient care.

That’s where Wildish Agency comes in! As digital marketing specialists, our team can handle all your dental marketing campaigns – leaving you free to tend to your patients. Learn how Wildish can boost your dental practice online. Get in touch with us for more information.