Sala Family Dentistry

Sala Family Dentistry

Dental Marketing

Reno, Nevada

Sala Family Dentistry is so much more than a dentistry. They not only offer general, pediatrics and orthodontics, but they will completely change your perspective on going in for your dental check-ups. They are continuously giving back to the community, offering scholarships and going on missions around the world to help those in need. It’s been a privilege to work with such a positive company. 

“Walk towards the good in life and one day you will arrive.”
— Atticus

We’re designers, storytellers and creators—but we’re also patients, and families of patients. We’ve lived through the uncertainty of clinical treatments and doctor visits: the good news, the great news, the loss and life-changing moments. From ideation to execution, there’s a human-first focus in the patient experiences we create to positively impact long-term healing outcomes.

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